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Physiology Honors Program Planner

Honors in Physiology is offered by the Department of Physiology in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry through the Faculty of Science.

The Honors program is designed to prepare students for advanced study leading to careers in academia, industrial research, or for entry into health-related professions. A choice of courses is available for students with interests in particular branches of the life sciences (e.g., cell and molecular biology, endocrinology, cardiovascular physiology, and neurobiology).

Continuation and graduation in the Honors Physiology program requires successful completion of *24 with a minimum 3.0 GPA, in the previous Fall/Winter. In addition, second-year students must present a minimum grade of B in PHYSL 212 and PHYSL 214 in order to continue, whereas students who are eligible to enter the program in their third year and have credit in PHYSL 210 must present a minimum grade of A- in order to be admitted. 

Students must email their program sheet (link below) to the Departmental Advisor in each year of the program. 

Honors Physiology Program Sheet 

For students having issues registering for courses or assembling a timetable, contact Student Connect in the Office of the Register. (

(see 'Contact Us' for list of Advisors)

Year One

BIOL 107

CHEM 101, 102, 164 (or 261), 263 (see Note 2)

STAT 141 or 151

*6 in junior level ENGL or WRS

*6 in approved options


Year Two


BIOL 201, 207

PHYS 124 or 126

PHYSL 212, 214

PMCOL 201, and Science Option (3)

*6 in approved options


Year 3

BIOCH 320, 330

PHYSL 310, 372, 403, 407


*9 in approved options


Year 4

PHYSL 467 and

*9 from PHYSL 400; 404; 405; 409; 444; 501; 513; PHYSL 545 or NEURO 443

*9 from BIOL 545; NEURO 410 or other 400- or 500- level-Science or Non-Science or Non-Arts courses, 

with consent of the Department.

*6 in other approved options


PHYSL 468 and 469 and

*12 from PHYSL 400; 404; 405; 409; 444; 501; 513; PHYSL 545 or BIOL 545; NEURO 410; 433; or  other

400- or 500-level Science or Non-Science-Non-Arts courses, with consent of the Department

*6 in other approved options.

See Arts Science Options

The program must consist of a minimum of *90 in Science, a minimum of *18 in Arts, and no more than 

*18 in non-Arts/non-Science options and no more than *42 in junior (100- level) courses.

Honors students in the first year of the program who are unable to take CHEM 263 may take CHEM 263 in second year.

All options must be approved by the Departmental Advisor.

Credit in Science 100 will be considered equivalent to BIOL 107, 108; CHEM 101, 102, 164; PHYS 144, 146 and *6 approved Science options.

Honors Physiology Program Sheet 

Please contact the Physiology Honors Advisor if you need assistance. Contact Us